Best Cordless Jigsaws: Reviews and Buying Guide

A jigsaw is an extremely useful tool that should be part of every tool collection. The two main types of jigsaws are corded and cordless (battery powered).

A cordless jigsaw is an extremely useful tool that should be part of every tool collection.  There’s a ton to talk about, so let’s get started.

Jigsaws can make those precision cuts that just can’t get with a circular saw or reciprocating saw.It’s a great tool, but not all cordless jigsaws are created equal. They vary widely in price and quality.  Cheaper models can be found for around $60, while top-of the line models can cost $300 or more.

Generally you get what you pay for when it comes to cordless jigsaws.  However, it is possible to find a quality tool toward the lower end of that price range. There are also some models that should be avoided altogether.

Our guide to cordless jigsaws will help ensure you are buying a quality tool and avoid wasting money on some of the junk that is out there. 

If you’re in a hurry, here are our quick picks.  Keep scrolling for much, much more on cordless jigsaws.


These are the best three cordless jigsaws out there right now. You can’t go wrong with any of these three.

ImageProduct Detail
DEWALT DCS334P1 Jigsaw


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Variable speed trigger and dial
  • Tool-free bevel adjustment
  • LED light and dust blower
bosch jigsaw

Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw

  • Best-in-class Compact Size
  • Bevel angle up to 45 degrees
  • One-handed blade ejection
  • Battery sold separately

Makita XVJ03 18V LXT Cordless Jig Saw Kit

  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Tool-free bevel adjust
  • Dust blower and LED light

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Check out these two jigsaws if you’re looking to save money, but still want quality and all the features. This is the “most bang for your buck” category.

ImageProduct Detail

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Jig Saw, Tool Only 

  • 3 orbital settings
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Tool-free blade release
  • Built-in dust blower

18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Brushless Jig Saw (Tool Only)

  • Multiple orbital setting
  • Speed match selector
  • Up to 3,000 SPMs
  • Blade Saver feature

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ImageProduct Detail


  • Variable speed trigger
  • Tool-free blade change
  • 45° bevel shoe capacity
  • Built-in dust blower


ImageProduct Detail

WORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw

  • 2 saws in 1
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Built-in dust blower

The main uses of a cordless jigsaw:

  • Making curved or otherwise complex cuts 
  • Cutting different materials like wood, plastic, metal
  • Making beveled (angled) cuts
  • Cutting pipes, tree limbs, etc.

Jigsaws are super versatile, which is why many people buy a jigsaw before any other saw. 

For some cool jigsaw projects, check out the article 15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You to (Finally!) Get a Jig Saw from Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess.

Is a cordless jigsaw the right tool for your project?

If you’re trying to make rounded or curved cuts to materials within the limits in the table above, then a cordless jigsaw is likely the best tool for your project.  Jigsaws can also be used for longer straight cuts, just use a saw guide to ensure the cut is straight.

A jigsaw can also be used to cut other materials, such as drywall. However, we found in the case of drywall, it is usually better to use a spiral saw, jab saw, or plain old utility knife.  

Some people may prefer a regular corded jigsaw as an alternative to a cordless version.  Batteries are expensive, so a corded jigsaw typically costs less than a comparable cordless model.  Not having to worry about charging a battery is another reason to consider a corded jigsaw. If you go that route, keep in mind you’ll always need to be near a power outlet when using the tool.  

5 things to consider when buying a cordless jigsaw:

  1. Does it come with a battery? Cordless tools are often sold “tool only” for much less than the version that includes a battery.  A battery purchased separately can costs over $100.
  2. What is the battery voltage?  Most jigsaws are either 18 or 20 volts. Some are as low as 12 volts. Higher voltage batteries provide more power to the motor.  We recommend at least 18 volts for most jigsaw applications.
  3. Is it variable speed? Different applications need faster speeds, as measured in strokes per minute (SPMs). Most cordless jigsaws have either a variable speed adjustment knob or trigger.
  4. How easy is it to change the blade or adjust the angle? Some jigsaws need a tool to adjust these settings while others are tool-free. We’d rather not worry about losing another tool.
  5. Does it have a brushless motor?  Tools with brushless motors cost a bit more, but they typically last longer and provide more power than a brush motor.  If you’re interested in learning more check out the article Brushless vs Brushed Motor (cordless drill zone).

A detailed guide to each of our top picks:

Dewalt 20-Volt MAX XR(DCS334P1)

The Dewalt 20-Volt MAX XR is a 20-Volt brushless motor cordless jigsaw form Dewalt, which has been making quality tools for almost 100 years.  Many folks, including our friends at andyman’s World, think Dewalt is the best power tool brand. In our opinion, this is the best cordless jigsaw out there.

The jigsaw has  a variable speed trigger, which allows you to easily adjust blade speed, up to 3200 SPMs. The harder you press the trigger, the faster the blade goes.

One reason we prefer this model over others is because of the brushless motor.  Brushless motors are preferred, as they create less friction, less heat, and use less battery. 

The Dewalt 20-Volt MAX XR free bevel adjust lets you quickly adjust the cutting angle to  0°, 15°, 30°, or 45°. The jigsaw has a built in LED, which is activated when the trigger is pressed.  It also has a built-in dust blower to ensure you can clearly see your cut line.

The cordless jigsaw is one of over 200 tools in the Dewalt 20-Volt MAX XR series.  If you own another 20-Volt Max tool and already have a compatible battery, you can buy the jigsaw “tool only” and save some money.

Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw (JSH180B)

The first thing you notice about this tool is how light it is.  The tool itself weighs just over 4 pounds, which is a pound lighter than some of the other models on this list.  The Bosch still packs all the features we need and a powerful motor that delivers blades speeds up to 2,700 SPM.

The 18-Volt Bosch has a dust blower, LED light, and 4-stage, and a one handed blade ejector.  It also has a four stage orbital selector, which allows you to switch between faster rough cuts or slower precision cuts.  

One downside to this jigsaw is that you need to use a wrench (included) to loosen the baseplate for angled cuts.  That can get tedious depending on how often you’ll be switching between cut angles. 

Overall, this jigsaw delivers the high-level of quality we’ve come to expect from Bosch.

Makita 18V LXT Brushless Cordless Jig Saw (XVJ03Z)

Makita might just be our favorite power tool brand.  Just seeing that shade of blue color makes us think of quality.  If you’re looking for a cordless jigsaw that will deliver for years to come, consider the Makita 18V LXT.  

The Makita 18V LXT jigsaw has a brushless motor, which creates less friction.  That results in a longer life for the battery and tool itself. Makita offers a slightly cheaper model jigsaw with a brush motor.  We’d rather spend a few more bucks and go with this brushless version.

The 18-volt lithium-ion battery provides more than enough power for most cutting applications.  The jigsaw has two LEDs and a built-in dust blower to keep your work area illuminated and clean. 

The 6 speed control dial lets you adjust between 800-3500 strokes per minute (SPM’s).  The blade and cutting angle can be changed without a separate tool, which saves time and frustration.


The Porter-Cable 20V Max is an excellent saw, even if it doesn’t come with all the features of other models.  You won’t get LED lights or a dust blower with this jigsaw. What you will find is a solid tool for a good price.   

The variable speed trigger allows you to control the speed of the blade up to 2500 SPM.  The Porter-Cable comes equipped with a three setting orbital switch, which lets you control the aggressiveness of the cut.  Set it to a 0 or 1 for smoother cuts, or set it 2 for fast rough cuts.

Keep in mind, the PCC650B comes with only the tool, no battery.  You can separately purchase a kit with two Porter-Cable batteries, a charger, and nice carrying case with room for the jigsaw.  All in, you’ll still spend less than the Dewalt or Makita models that only have one battery. (PCCB122C2)

The Porter-Cable 20V MAX collection is an impressive collection of tools.  Once you get a couple of compatible batteries, you can start adding the bare tools for a decent price.

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Brushless Jig Saw

The Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ is the perfect jigsaw for the do-it-yourselfer.  The brushless motor delivers up to 3,000 RPM. The speed match dial lets you easily determine what speed to use for the material being cut.  

The Ryobi also has variable orbital settings that adjust the aggressiveness of the cut.  Turn the orbital up for quicker rough cuts or turn it down for more precise cuts.  

Another cool feature of this jigsaw is the blade saver.  The teeth toward the middle of the jigsaw blade usually get word down first since that’s where most of the cutting occurs.  The blade saver lets slide the blade up or down a bit to get more use out of the teeth toward the top and bottom.

There are over 50 tools in the Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ series.  While other brands like Dewalt and Makita may be higher quality, you can save a few bucks with Ryobi and still get a great product. Here’s a good comparison between Ryobi and Dewalt tools from the

Black and Decker 20V MAX Jigsaw

It may be priced like a budget model jigsaw, but the Black and Decker 20V MAX performs at a higher level.  It has many of the features as other models: built-in dust blower, tool free blade exchange, variable speed trigger.

Easily adjust the blade speed up to 2500 SPMs using the variable speed trigger.  The Black and Decker 20V MAX has an adjustable bevel up to 45°, although you will need a tool to change the cut angle (tool included). 

The package includes the jigsaw, a 20-volt lithium battery, battery charger, and a blade to get you started.  It accepts U and T shank blades, which is nice for when you need to buy more.

While there’s nothing “special” about this jigsaw, there’s also nothing that disappointed us.  For a fraction of the price of other cordless jigsaws, the Black and Decker 20V MAX won’t let you down.  If you’re an occasional DIY-er that’s not looking to spend a lot, this is the jigsaw for you.

WORX 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw (WX550L)

When WORX first released the WX550L we thought it was a little too gimmicky.  A jigsaw and reciprocating saw in one? No way it can be good at both, right? Wrong!   

The WX55OL goes from making complex cuts to trimming tree limbs in no time.  Just pivot the tool and swap out the blade (tool-free). This jigsaw has a powerful motor, a dust blower, and a variable speed trigger.  It works with standard reciprocating saws blades and T-shank jigsaw blades.

One downside of this tool is the battery, which had the shortest of any of the tools on this list.  We were also a bit disappointed that the shoe doesn’t adjust to make angled cuts.

If you’re looking for the best jigsaw or best reciprocating saw, look elsewhere.  If you want the functionality of two saws for a decent price, then the WORX is for you.

Cordless Tool Combo Kits

A cordless tool combo kit is a great option if you’re just starting to build up your tool collection or if you’re looking to upgrade.  A combo kit is a set of cordless tools sold together for less than you’d spend to buy each individually.  

All the tools in a kit work on the same battery.  Since you only use one tool at a time, you can get away with only having one or two batteries.  It beats having a different type of battery and a different charger for every cordless tool you own.  

Our vote for the best cordless combo kit that includes a jigsaw goes to the Porter-Cable 20V MAX Kit.  

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 8-Tool (PCCK619L8)

The kit from Porter-Cable kit includes all of this:

  • Jig Saw (PCC650) – The same model we reviewed above.  It’s absolutely one of the best cordless jigsaws out there.
  •  1/2″ Drill Driver (PCC601) – A compact drill that delivers speeds up to 1500 RPMs
  • 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver (PCC641) – The high-torque motor delivers 1,450 in/lbs and the quick-release ¼ in. chuck makes bit changes super easy
  • 1/2″ Circular Saw (PCC660) – Powerful motor (4000 RPMs) and weighs only pounds.
  • Reciprocating Tiger Saw (PCC670) – A compact reciprocating saw with 1″ stroke length and 0-3,000 SPM for aggressive cutting speed
  • LED Flashlight (PCC700) – Not the most exciting tool in the kit, you won’t get left in the dark with the 4 LED bulbs producing 140 lumens.
  • Oscillating Multi-Tool (PCC710) – Comes loaded with tool-free blade exchange, variable speed dial, vibration reducing grip and LED light
  • Cutoff Tool/Grinder (PCC761) – A versatile tool with a 8,5000 RPM motor
  • Two batteries – A 20V MAX Lithium Ion 1.5Ah Battery (PCC680L) and 20V MAX Lithium Ion 4.0Ah Battery (PCC685L)
  • Two Kit Bags
  • Battery Charger

We crunched the numbers and found that you could save up to 30% when buying this kit compared to buying each of the items individually. So while it may seem expensive at first, you’re getting a lot of great tools for a really good price.  

A few things to remember when using a cordless jigsaw:

  • Make sure whatever you are cutting is secure and won’t move or shake when making a cut.  Otherwise, the jigsaw can cause the material to vibrate violently, leading to a poor cut and potentially dangerous situation.  Use some clamps to secure whatever you’re cutting.
  • Be sure to use the right speed (measured in strokes per minute) for the job. We’ve learned over the years that higher speeds don’t always produce a better or faster cut.  Using too high of a speed can cause the blade to overheat and also cause you to lose control of the saw. Start with a lower speed setting. You can always work your way up.
  • Read the instruction manual before using the tool!

But don’t just listen to us, head over to Bob Vila’s site for an article on how to use a jigsaw.

Cordless Jigsaw Maintenance:

There’s not a ton of maintenance required for cordless jigsaws.  As always, take pride in your tools and keep them clean

Take care of the battery, especially since it costs as much as the tool itself.  Charging instructions will be included in the owner’s manual.  

Don’t use dull blades.  You’ll end up with poor cuts and an overworked motor.  Jigsaw blades are pretty cheap, so buy a pack and have some extras on hand.

Safety Tips:

  • Read the instruction manual before using any tool!
  • Always wear certified eye, ear, and respiratory equipment.
  • Store out of reach of children.

Important: This is NOT intended to be a complete list of safety warnings. Every tool is different and comes with different safety considerations. Again, read the manufacturer provided manual before operating any tool!

Related Accessories:


Most cordless jigsaws come with a few blades, but inevitably you will need more. There are specific blades made to cut different materials, such as metal, wood, and plastic.  The main differences between these blades are the blade material and the number of teeth.

The most common blade materials and the type of materials they are intended to cut are shown here:

Blade MaterialUsed to cut:
High Speed Steel (HSS)Metal
High Carbon Steel (HCS)Wood
Bi-Metal (BIM)Wood, Plastic, Metal
Carbide-TippedSpecialty Materials

The number of teeth a blade has, measured in teeth-per-inch (TPI) will also impact how well the blade cuts different materials. Generally speaking, blades with higher TPI are better suited to cut denser materials.  Lower TPI blades are best for softer wood.

Keep in mind that not all blades will fit every jigsaw.  The two main types of blades are T-shank and U-shank, named for the part of the blade that connects to the saw.  All jigsaws on this list use T-shank blades.

Fortunately jigsaw blades are relatively inexpensive. You can buy a variety pack of jigsaw blades for under $1 per blade.  Higher quality blades are usually sold in smaller packs of two or three.

If you want to spend even less money, consider a corded jigsaw.

Safety Tips

  • Read the instruction manual!
  • Always wear certified eye, ear, and respiratory equipment.
  • Store out of reach of children.

Related Accessories

  •  Blades – Most cordless jigsaws will come with a few blades, but inevitably you will need more. There are specific blades made to cut different materials, such as metal, wood, and plastic. You can find a variety pack of blades for under $15.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it better (or cheaper) to rent a cordless jigsaw?

Cordless jigsaws are relatively inexpensive and won’t take up much space in your garage.  We recommend buying, especially if you plan on using the tool for multiple projects. If you find a jigsaw for rent at Home Depot or another tool rental center, it’s likely corded.  That might work for you if you only need the tool for a few hours.

What do they mean by “bare tool?”

Important!  If a tool is advertised as a “bare tool” that means you’re only getting the tool and not the battery needed to power the tool.  You may also see the term “tool only,” which means the same thing. Whether or not the tool includes a battery can make a big difference in the price. The model number of a tool will often end in a “B” if it’s a bare tool.  For example, the Black and Decker tool-only model number is (BDCJS20B)

A “bare tool” is not a bad thing, it just means you’ll have to buy the battery separately.  Compatible batteries are easy to find, but they’re not cheap. Before you buy a bare tool, find a compatible battery and see how much extra you’ll need to pay.  In some cases you may only want the tool, like when you already have a tool and battery from the same brand.  

Should I buy a “knock-off” battery?

It can be tempting to buy a generic or “knock-off” battery to save some money.  You can often find a two-pack of generic batteries for less than one name-brand battery.  You’re taking a gamble if you go the cheap route. In some cases the generic batteries might work fine, but most of the time there will be a drop-off in quality compared to the name-brand version.  

Using a battery other than the type recommended risks voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.  If you’re buying a top-of-the-line tool, buy the name-brand battery. If you have an older tool and aren’t concerned with voiding the warranty, then grabbing a generic battery as a backup might work for you.

Are jigsaw blades universal?

The short answer is no.  Depending on your jigsaw, you may need a certain type of blade shank.  The Shank is the portion of the blade that the tool connects to.  The two main types of shanks are T-shank or U-shank (U for universal). Oddly enough, U-shank blades are becoming less popular than T-shank blades.  That is because T-shank blades are better equipped for tool-free blade exchange, which is the direction most jigsaws manufacturers are going.

Every tool on our list accepts T-shank blades.  The Black and Decker 20V MAX Jigsaw accepts U-shank and T-shank blades.

What are “orbit” settings?

If the jigsaw has an orbit setting, the blade can move in a circular pattern.  That orbit allows you to make faster cuts, however you sacrifice accuracy with high orbits.  You can always turn the orbit down for precision cuts. We find that it’s a worthwhile feature to have on a jigsaw.

What is the cutting depth of cordless jigsaws?

The depth or thickness of material a saw can cut through will depend on the type of material and the tool itself.  Motor power and stroke length both impact the cutting depth.We have found that a typical 18-volt jigsaw can efficiently cut the thicknesses listed below. 

MaterialThickness (inches)Thickness (mm)
Wood5 ½”140
Mild Steel½”12

How important is the length of the warranty?

Most cordless jigsaws come with warranty periods ranging from one to three years.  How important is that? Tools typically last longer than that, unless they’re really heavily used.  And if they’re heavily used, issues may not be covered by the warranty because that falls under “normal wear.” 

In most cases you won’t need warranty, but it’s nice to have if there’s a true defect with the tool.  In our experience, the length of the warranty is an indicator of the quality of the tool.


Cordless jigsaws are cool tools.  Once you own one, you’ll start to find uses that you never thought of before.  We picked the 

The Dewalt gets our vote for best cordless jigsaw on the market.  We love how easy it is to use and how well it cuts. You really can’t go wrong with Dewalt

The Makita is a close second.  It has most of the same features as the Dewalt and performs almost as well.  

For a value pick, go with the Porter-Cable (tool only).  It’s a solid tool that won’t disappoint. Don’t forget to pick up the battery package that includes two batteries, a dual-port charger, and nice carrying case. 

For a 2-in-1 jigsaw and reciprocating saw, there’s the WORX WX55OL.  It’s not the best jigsaw and it’s definitely not the best reciprocating saw, but it’s good at both.  Not bad considering you’re getting two tools for under a hundred bucks.

Don’t want to spend a ton on a jigsaw? No problem. Check out the Black & Decker.  While it may not be on the same level as the other models, the Black & Decker definitely gets the job done.

If you’re just starting to build your tool collection or are looking for a great gift for that first-time homeowner in your life, consider a cordless combo tool kit.  The Porter-Cable kit offers a lot of tools at substantial savings as compared to buying each tool individually.

If you decide you’d rather deal with a cord than a battery, read our guide to corded jigsaws.

Be safe and happy jigsawing!